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B&M Racing Oil Cooler, Large Hi Tek Cooling System with Fan, 590 CFM Rating

Dimensions 13-1/2" x 9" x 3-1/2" with 9-1/2" diameter fan. 6 Amp capacity.

Our Price: $322.00
PPE Deep aluminum transmission pan ZF 8HP70

This pan features internal heat sinks and external cooling fins. These cooling fins, combined with the aluminum construction, promote reduced transmission oil temperatures. Cooler oil lubricates better which helps increase transmission service life and reduce service costs.

PPE has engineered an exclusive removable and replaceable oil filter. That means unlike the factory part, there’s no need to discard the filter pan assembly every time you service your truck’s transmission. This eliminates the high cost of regularly replacing the factory filter. Now simply remove, replace filter and reinstall.

Our Price: $329.99
SHR 8HP70 WAR VIKING Transmission kit

Complete SHR WAR VIKING kit for the 8HP70 transmission

Our Price: $2,199.00