Superior Engineered NAG1 Based Performance Transmissions

6.4L HEMI based 426!

Good enough is NEVER, good enough!

 Hardcore NAG1 performance!

Good enough, is NEVER good enough!


SOUTHERN HOTROD, LLC (SHR) is a Louisiana limited liability company located just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was formed by Edwin P. Gregory III in 2004. SHR specializes in late model, high performance automotive services, with a focus on the Mopar vehicles. We deliver serious horsepower for serious people. Our first question to every client is simple, "How Fast Do You Want to Go?"

  • SHR is now Holley EFI Certified!
    SOUTHERN HOTROD is the only Holley EFI Certified dealer in Louisiana! We have you covered in all things Holley EFI!...
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  • Alto Products main supplier for SHR Transmissions
    We use Alto Red Eagle & G3 friction material, and Kolene steels in all of our VIKING and WAR VIKING transmissions. We chose Alto Products because of their...